Love, Life, and the List

Let me preface this by saying: I am a huge fan of Kasie West. Moving on.

Plot: Abby has a pretty weird life, dad is in the military and absent a lot, mom is borderline agoraphobic, and her Grandpa lives with them. Cooper is her best friend and she is head over heels for him. After failing to get him or her artwork in a show she creates a “Heart List” to grow and get more depth of emotions.

Thoughts: I really love West’s books because you always get some sort of growth from the main character. This one is no different. From trying new things to facing a fear the list. That said Cooper and Abby’s love story just ugh. Just ugh. Move on woman! I see what it was supposed to be but her pinning got annoying and there are other fish in the sea. 

Should you bother: Do you like Kasie West and cute romance that will always have a happy ending and growth? Then yup go for it. It’s an easy read that makes you smile. 


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