Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Plot: This is part of the Grishaverse. In the first book Alina learns she has powers, she’s a sun-summoner and therefore must be kept safe. Learning that she can maybe save the fold and bring the country, which has been split in half by the fold, together again.  Now she is living the fabulous life while trying to learn her new powers. But is the darkling(the most powerful Grisha) really there to help her? As she learns she must face threats to her kingdom and 

Review: I wanted to love this book! I really did. I mean everyone raves about the Grishaverse. Sadly it was just ok in my book. Maybe overhyped and I was expecting to be blown away? Alina was kind of dense and her love of Mal (her childhood bff) was kind of weird and I just dono if I can ship them? Also I just can’t get behind  the way the story is thrown together in the beginning. One minute in the fold, next bam super important girl and must be kept safe. It’s  quite  the flip. Maybe if I keep reading the next two books I will love it? 

Should you read it? Well if you want to fit in know anything about the Grishaverse maybe try it? Or is that peer pressure? Either way it’s a staple in the  fantasy YA world. 

If your looking to try it out it’s under $4.00 in paperback on Amazon.


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  1. This is on my list of books/series to read this year, I picked the ebooks up a few years ago because I had heard such good things about it. I always get nervous when books are hyped up so much and I try not to build expectations going in. Great review, sucks that you didn’t care for the book too much.

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