Doll House

Doll House by Sam Campbell

(The author was nice enough to send me this book but don’t worry that doesn’t play into my review. I am always blunt about it no matter what.)

Plot: Emma Winters lost her mother and now she has no one. Sent away to Crummings Home for the Dispossessed to maybe get adopted someday. When she gets there strange things start happening. With the help of her new friend Ben and maybe some others she starts to unravel the mystery behind the dolls. Can she figure it out before she loses everyone she cares for?

Review: My first thought was this could be an episode of Doctor Who. Magic, mystery, and a whole bunch of luck are all part of this story. I finished this in one sitting and honestly I enjoyed it. I was worried it would be creepy but instead it’s just a good mystery with a touch of magic. You have to read to the very end to find out how all the pieces fit together.

Should you read? Do you like mystery and magic? How about a girl who kicks but and takes names. If you enjoy either of those things you will probably enjoy this. It’s a good quick read that you can devour in one sitting.



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