Rosemarked by Livia Blackburn

Plot: In a small village Zivah studies to be a healer. After passing her final test and becoming. Full fledged healer she comes down with the dreaded rose plague. Becoming rosemarked she is shunned and contagious. Only able to be touched by other rosemarked or umbertouched. The umbertouched are those who came out of the disease and are not contagious. While trying to find a cure she agrees to go undercover in the enemy territory to bring down the empire. Can she be a spy? And can she guard her heart from the umbertouched Dineas?

Review: I will admit I only read this because I got it in the uppercase box. But man was it worth it! The politics were well written and the fact that the author wrote from three different views was impressive. I don’t want to ruin the plot but seriously the way the view points are written is so impressive you felt like you could be standing next to them. A slow burn romance and lots of intrigue make this one of my favorite 2017 books.

Should you read? Like fantasy worlds and political reads? Enjoy seeing the book from both male and female perspectives? Love the cover? Then please go read this!


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