PageHabit Book box

This is a review of the PageHabit book box.

The long and short of it because down below will be a rant of epic proportions.

Short: I bought a 3 month subscription to this box and was beyond underwhelmed. The quality of goods was awful and the books were not the best choices. Granted I did like that it donated to charities with each purchase.

Long: I dislike this box so much. I mean I wouldn’t buy ever again. I had a code for a free extra book( supposedly only a few were sent out, BS everyone I know got one). Also free shipping in the US( I got $5 off even though I am in the US). So I was peeved to start. First box: a pumpkin key chain that makes noise? I mean what? Add in one bookmark and something else I can’t even remember and how cheap are these people.

Customer service is awful. I had to send 6 emails saying the same thing before I got an answer to my question. They then forgot to ship my two next boxes and I had to email to remind them.

Should you buy? Probably not unless you really want an annotated book. The goodies are super cheap and you only get like 3. For the price, not worth it. Go donate to a charity and it will make you feel better.


💜Side note: you may like this box, who knows. This was just my experience.

💙Unboxing photo from @Octobertune bc honestly I just didn’t care enough to take my own photos.

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