Illumicrate box

Illumicrate box review

Illumicrate is another UK based country that sends their boxes around the world. It is a quarterly box instead of monthly so it may save you a bit of money. They also do one off boxes you can buy ( Grishaverse and Howler so far).

I have to say I am impressed with the quality and # of items you get. It is definitely worth the money in terms of what you get. And since it’s every few months you don’t feel so bad about the price. Below is the box I got in November. The next ships in February.

Now for the bad. While I love the box, the items, and the quarterly the shipping is appalling. That is if you are outside the UK it is. Sometimes boxes are a week or two late going out. For those people in the US expect it to take 15 days to get to you. It’s not the worst thing but when you are dodging spoilers and waiting it’s kinda crappy.

Price: $$

Illumicrate website

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