Bookish Boyfriends


Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt

Plot: Merri is finally attending Hero High and she is sure that boys are better in books. That is until her English teacher, who she is sure could be a fairy godmother points her in the right direction. Could he be the one? And what is with Fielding’s brooding. Why is he so mean? Can boys be better in real life or are books still better.

Review:  Let’s be honest at some point in time every reader has thought “boys(or girls) are better in books”. Or found ourselves imagining what it would be like to be the other person in the book getting a relationship with said amazing character.
Merri gets to live her dream of book boyfriend’s and finds out maybe we need to look deeper than just a first glance/dream idea.
I absolutely adored this book, the character, the references, and that it wasn’t just cut and dry predictable.

Should you read? Do you like romances that aren’t what you seem? Do you dream about a book boyfriend?



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