Blood Oath

Blood Oath by Raye Wagner & Kelly St. Clare


Plot: Ryn wants adventure more than anything that is until she gets it. Taken by the kings dragon shifter Lord Irrik Ryn gets more than she bargained for. But not to fear the rebellion is coming and the winds of change are about to take out a king. Between the Lord Irrik protecting her one minute and hating her the next the new age begins. But what will be the price for Ryn, her life? Her heart? Or maybe more than that.

Review: First lets just all take a moment and look at that beautiful cover….so pretty. Moving on. I enjoyed this book so much more than i thought. The nuance of lust building and the unexpected way the author brought the plot around. Ryn isn’t just a pretty face and has to go through some terrible things in order to learn her place. The book isn’t all sunshine and roses and I really enjoy that. There is real pain and real motivation behind the characters.

Should you read? Do you like darker fantasy romance? Can you handle cliffhangers that make you buy the second book? Like dark books that have pain, darkness, and betrayal?

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