Brooding YA Hero


Plot: Your favorite YA character gives you all the information on how to survive a story? How about a major plot twist. Broody is giving you a behind the scenes on all things that happen in the most popular YA tropes. Plus Broody gives you activities to help through his own job writing a self help book.

Review: Snarky is the first word that comes to mind. Think of Broody as the self important guy you knew in high school but much funnier. Everything relates to what main characters are in pretty much every popular teen book lately. It’s fun, sarcastic, and relatable. If you haven’t followed the Twitter account that’s where you can find more of this snark and sass. @broodingYAhero

Should you read: are you looking for something to just read in snippits? Sassy? Want to laugh at every brooding main character?

PS: Its under $3.00 for the Kindle book right now


One comment

  1. Ha, you had me at “Broody.” This sounds hilarious and very reminiscent of some unnamed people I knew in my high school creative writing class back in the day… will definitely check it out!

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