Book Box Unboxing/Thoughts

I got a little crazy this past month and bought a bunch of different book boxes. Some I have a subscription that renews because I like it. Others I was trying for the first time or trying again. Below you will find un-boxings, reviews, and comparisons. Hopefully this helps you if you ever wish to try a book box and aren’t sure which may be right. (It is a lot of money to guess if you will like the stuff or not)




List of Boxes

  1. Illumicrates February Box
  2. Owlcrate
  3. Uppercase Box
  4. Litjoy Crate
  5. Fairyloot
  6. Shelflove Crate
  7. Totally Booked Crate (Not Pictured Above)



I have to start off with how much I adore these boxes. Illumicrate is a quarterly box. Since it is only 4 times a year it is always packed full of high quality items and usually an ARC as well. This box was so full they had to get a bigger box just to fit everything!

My only problem: The shipping carrier they use usually takes the full 15 days to get to the US. Which means you have to dodge spoilers while you wait for it to arrive.

Final thoughts: I keep this subscription going because I just love the quality of the bookish things. That isn’t to say I don’t trade some of it. One can’t love everything. They also do special one off boxes that are pretty spectacular. I highly recommend if you are looking for a box that won’t break the bank every month.



OwlCrate was the first box I ever tried and I loved it (it got me into Kasie West books). But the few months after that didn’t interest me at all so I stopped buying. I thought I would try it again and it did not disappoint. The book has purple sprayed edging and the scarf is high quality. While I will/have traded some things I enjoy the overall cohesiveness of this box.

Problems: Every month is a guessing game of if the merch will appeal to you. If you end up not liking it then you are stuck with the book/merch unless you trade it on Twitter (more on that later).

Final Thoughts: This is a hard one. I enjoyed this box but there have been some that I just didn’t like anything. I would say not subscribe maybe pick and choose. But be aware that it has been selling out every month. Making those who want to try have a hard time even giving it a go. And I dislike having to fight people to try to get a subscription.



Uppercase Box

This is another box, which isn’t an actual box, that I have renew every month and never think to cancel. Each month the book is signed by the author, not a book plate. They also have thoughtful items that are actually useful. I find myself barely trading any of these.

Downside: It is only three items and can be expensive to some. Honestly that is the only downside.

Final Thoughts: If you want a book “box” but aren’t looking for candles, trinkets.



LitJoy Crate:

The first box I ever got of this was honestly the worst. I hated everything about it and it took me awhile to even want to try again. What changed my mind? They did a Batman box that was just mindblowingly amazing (I think you can still get it on their site). So when they came out with a spoiler of the mermaid pillow for March I had to buy. And honestly I am actually impressed. The pillow is gorgeous and the items in the box fit with the theme. Even the seashell lights are well made.

Downside: Litjoy has the idea of making sure every item relates to the book and sometimes that makes the item a stretch to fit. Such as a speaker or keychain.

Final Thoughts: This one is kind of a month to month take it or leave it. Find a month that interests you and you may enjoy it. Or they have past boxes in their store that show you everything.




Ok lets start with the fact that this box, their anniversary box, was just a huge letdown. I haven’t had a box that let me down yet and I had the 6 month subscription. After this month it will run out and if this box isnt great I may not renew. Which is sad because before this I had enjoyed each month.

Other thoughts: This is expensive for those of us in the USA. Shipping can just skyrocket costs. But the shipping is fast/easy and you usually get a notice from DHL before Fairyloot even sends the notice that it is shipped.

Final musings: I have loved this box for months but lately it hasn’t been up to par. Hoping that turns around! But if you want to see what everyone is talking about this is the box mentioned and chased after its this one!

Shelflove Crate: Apparently I wasn’t impressed enough to even take a picture of this one. Go me! But that kind of sums up my thoughts on it. I had gotten the book in another box and traded it right away along with most of the items. It is not a box that I will be purchasing again. If you do want an unboxing photo their instagram has them!


Totally Booked Crate

I have never gotten this box and honestly I must have late night purchased it because I was suprised when I got a shipment email. (we have all late night shopped it happens).

Thoughts: While some of the stuff like the bracelet and mermaid spoon were cute the rest kind of fell flat. Why a ring pop? I mean why would I pay $30 for a ring pop? The book was one that I hadn’t seen in a box and that was awesome.

Bad thoughts: This whole box just seemed cheap to me. I can see how that could happen since other boxes like litjoy, owlcrate, and such kind of take the quality up a notch. I was just unimpressed. Which is sad because I love finding diamond in the rough things, this was not it.

Final thought: Would not purchase again but maybe their adult crate would be better?


Final Final Thoughts:

I had fun getting all of these boxes. I admit I am a sucker for anything that has to do with mystery boxes. Its a problem and I know it. While I will be purchasing some of these in the future others are just a no go for me. That doesn’t mean I may never try them again. Who knows.



Now what do you do with things that you don’t want in the boxes? Well if you have a twitter and stuff to trade you can try their trade posts. Post a picture and tag #booksfortrade #arcsfortrade #swagfortrade . If you see something you like on someone else’s posts you can always try to trade for it. I put up things all the time you can always try to trade with me. I usually don’t have a wishlist and try to make sure people who want to trade can. @auburn_edge is my twitter.

Keep up with the blog and I will have more unboxing goodness to come as I try out new boxes that I find!





  1. Some of these look really good! I like the idea of getting mystery boxes. For me, as money is short as is, I cannot justify paying for a subscription box where I may not enjoy what I am sent. Though, in the future I do believe I will be looking into one!

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  2. It’s so cool that you tried out so many different boxes. Two years or so ago, I had both fairyloot and owlcrate subscriptions and they were both hit or miss a lot of the time and in the end it just wasn’t possible to afford them on the long run. International shipping will forever be my downfall. Thanks for such a great haul! I totally get the appeal of mystery boxes. One of my vices is buying a ton of mystery minis from different series from funko …

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