Mackenzie by M.A. Foster


Synopsis: Cole learned the hard way that decisions have consequences. After having sex with a college girl he finds out she is pregnant. Before he can wrap his head around it he has a daughter. Now Cole must learn to grow up and quick. Enter Harper who has had her heart broken. Now she must learn to forgive and tell the truth. Can two broken hearts mend each other?

**Sexual situations, language, and drugs. Not recommended for younger YA readers**

Review: I absolutely loved this book. Now it isn’t a quick read or a everyone is happy read. This book makes you feel things. I laughed, cried, and swooned through the whole thing. Trust me I actually cried real tears it was that good. You need to know that it does have a lot of profane language, sexual situations, and such but if you are ok with that I would highly recommend this. The slow burn of the romance made you wonder when! JUST WHEN will they be together! I also really loved the twists and turns, you never really knew where the plot would go chapter to chapter.

Should you read? Do you like slow burn contemporary romances? Lots of plot twists and oh so much drama? Then this might just be one of your new favorite reads.

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About the Author:


Foster was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and is currently suffering
from empty nest syndrome in Land O’Lakes, Florida with her husband and
her crazy dog, Rocky. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s searching
for chocolate.


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