Dragons Price & Dragons Curse

The Transference Novels by Bethany Wiggins

Plot: Princess Sorrowlynn has a prophecy that states “She will die by her own hand”. Suicide Sorrow they call her. In order to keep the dragons locked up the princess must either accept a marriage proposal from the horse clan or be eaten by the dragon. After being locked away her whole life she is startled when the Horselord Kingdom proposes marriage. Instead she chooses to face the fire dragon.

Prince Golmarr was instantly taken with Sorrow and decides to face the dragon to protect the princess. Will they make it out of the dragons liar and will they still be the same people?


I love these books. I mean top 10 best reads. It saddens me that more people haven’t read these. The plot is never what you expect and it keeps you on your toes. Honestly I laughed, screamed, and just about read the fastest I ever have to find out what happens. Princess Sorrowlynn’s named peeved me off in the beginning but I kind of love it now. Add in the fact Sorrowlynn isn’t a damsel in distress and you have the makings for the perfect series. Honestly I could gush about this for awhile and you would roll your eyes so lets just

‘t a

Seriously I just need everyone to read this. Maybe I will have to do a giveaway for some Kindle copies!?

Should you read? Do you like dragons? How about love that grows and has trials? Epic storylines that keep you guessing?

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