Versus : Sky in the Deep vs. Beyond a Darkened Shore

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Today I have something new to introduce to my blog. Because let’s face it we don’t always want to read reviews. So here it is, the first vs. I will take 2 books with similar themes and find a winner.

To start I have two of my favorite 2018 reads!

Here goes! I will use short hand for the book titles (SitD and BaDS)

Begin Fight! Plots!

SitD: A story about a viking girl who goes against everything to save her family and her tribe. In order to do that she must join forces with her enemy.

BaDS: A Celtic princess with supernatural abilities must save her kingdom from outside forces. She must team up with her sworn enemy, the viking, to save the day.

Winner: Beyond a Darkened Shore. The plot was so interesting and well written. You couldn’t see the twists and turns coming.

Fight! Characters!

SitD: Eelyn and Fiske are fantastic characters. Driven, well written, and just brutally real. They both have their own problems and go about saving the day in unique ways.

BaDS: Ciara(pronounced Keera) and Leif are both unique individuals and feel supernatural. They don’t fit in and you can tell this from the beginning.

Winner: Sky in the Deep! Both Eelyn and Fiske just pull at your heart strings. You want to fight with them and for them. They become almost real and you miss their story when you finish the book.

Battle: Conflict!

SitD: Vikings vs Vikings vs something not quite Viking. Basically a blood bath and no detail is spared. Eelyn is a hardened warrior and it shows. Her battle prowess is well documented. The romantic conflict is just as tough.

BaDS: Celts vs Vikings vs Mythological creatures. Ciara has powers, scary powers, and she must use them to defeat the Giants. Leif has supernatural abilities as well and together they fight battles that are filled with gore and details.

Winner: Both. Honestly I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out who had better conflict. Both are so well written and detailed you can picture the battles. But in the end they each have a strength, one in pure battles and the other in supernatural battles.

Ready… Fight! Romance!

SitD: Slow burn enemies to lovers. One of my favorite tropes and just done perfectly. No insta love here!

BaDS: Enemies to lovers. Slow building but you can see it coming a mile away. More detailed. Does a good job of keeping the idea that she shouldn’t because they are enemies and guilt going.

Winner: Sky in the Deep! I am a sucker for the slow burn enemies to lovers! I especially like when it feels just real and the trust builds to the first kiss and ok off track. Sky in the Deep romance is just better thought out.

So who wins?

The winner of my first Versus is:










Yay! Sky in the Deep was just more real and made you feel all of the feels. The plot, romance, and conclusion make this one of my favorite books I have read in awhile.

But in all seriousness you should read both of these. They are worth it.

What do you think? Would you have chosen a different winner? Have you read these yet? Let me know here or on Twitter! @auburn_edge

Until next time. 💜💙

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  1. Oooh, I loved this! This was a great analysis of the different elements! I have to say, I think I would bick BaDS even though I haven’t read it because Sky in the Deep fell a little flat for me just everywhere. And now that I’m hearing about the magical elements of BaDS, I think I’m definitely going to have to bump this one up my TBR!

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