April Book Box Roundup

Hello again. This month I went a tad crazy on the book boxes. Honestly I had forgotten what I got until boxes started showing up. Here are full unboxing photos plus my thoughts on each.

**If there is something awesome you may want to trade from one of these boxes feel free to ask me over on twitter. I may just trade it to you 🙂

Without Further ado lets do this thing!


First up is Whimsify:


Thoughts: Honestly meh, just meh. This box didn’t get me excited or thrilled or really anything. My kid got the funko and I am pretty much trading everything else.

Should you buy: This box is always hit or miss with me. I either love it or like this month could care less.

Did I renew: Solid Nope! Maybe I will splurge for one in a month or two but for now I just am not impressed.

Second Star Book Box: Inaugural month


Thoughts: I got this box because it was just starting and I wanted to see what it was all about. Holy crap you get a lot of stuff. Two FC books plus a download code. The candle is huge and I am just impressed.

Should you buy: This is the first box so I cannot say what the next month will be like. But it was very impressive and they donate books to children in need for each box bought.

Did I renew? Yes. I am going to try one more month and see how it goes.

Fairyloot Book Box:


Thoughts: Last month was a total bust but this month I was blown away. The book (which I already finished) was great and all of the swag was top notch. A complete turn around from last month.

Should you buy: I have only had one bad month but other than that this is a solid box that is great to receive each month.

Did I renew: I will admit this is one that I have a 6 month subscription too. I just disliked fighting people and finally gave in.

Enchanted Book Box:


Thoughts: I love this book and the pillowcase is pretty adorable. There is a typo but the creator reached out and gave coupons to make up for it. So I appreciate the honesty. Overall I give this a solid 6/10

Should you buy: I am torn. So I say 50/50 buy or don’t it is up to you.

Did I renew: Yup for one month because I got the coupon code.  Yeah I have a problem…I am fully aware.



Fae Crate:


Thoughts: Oh look another Sky in the Deep. This was my first fae crate. I bought it because it was supposed to come with a prop for book photos (see the small sword).  Boo….Lame. I just nope not impressed.

Should you buy: In my honest opinion….pass.

Did I renew: Nope and I do not plan to renew ever. There are so many other boxes out there.



Did I mention I got a tad out of hand this month? Great; moving on.



Thoughts: Look at the pretty tote bag. Also another Ash Princess. But I am a fan of this box. Some months they just get me, other months I hate everything.

Should you buy: I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. There is always something new to find.

Did I renew: No? Yes? I don’t think so. Might have skipped a month on this one. (crap I have no idea!)

Litjoy Crate:


Thoughts: First off…this shakespeare book hurts my heart. I feel so old and just ouch. The rest was pretty adorable! I have never gotten colored pencils or a smock so that is pretty cool.

Should you buy: Yup! Especially the next few months. They promise to be pretty epic.

Did I renew: Heck yes. Sprayed edges and signed books for the next 4 months and I am all about that!


Magic Book Trap:


So Technically this is the March box. I bought it late because of the pillowcase. I had to have it. The rest is meh. But I had to try it out. I also Bought the February box (see the picture below).

Overall thoughts: They put slime in one of these boxes. WTF! It literally exploded all over my carpet/me/and box. Just no. That immediately makes me never buy this box again. So thats my thoughts. Never again.

Which is sad because some of the things were beautiful.


Uppercase Box:


Thoughts: I adore all of this. Look how cute the pins are! A book we haven’t seen yet and so much goodness.

Should you buy: I suggest this as one of the boxes if you just want to try out a box. It has never been bad.

Did I renew: This is an auto renew for me always.



Wow…Ok now even I am worried about my book box addiction. Seriously guys. But don’t worry we are almost done! Stay with me!




Thoughts: Weirdly the only box with Ace of Shades. The coffee was divine and the rest of the box was surprisingly great. I hadn’t bought an owlcrate in awhile because they were just boo. But this was a comeback.

Should you buy: Well honestly who doesn’t buy this box at least once. Please raise your hand…. no one. That=s what I thought.

Did I renew: Pretty sure. Ask me again next month.


Congrats! We made it to the end. Are you still here? Possibly? Well if you are then good job. You just looked at the pretty pictures. It’s ok I don’t blame you. But wow…that was a lot of boxes. No wonder my mailman was annoyed at me.

What boxes do you buy? Is there something that you received that made you squeal with joy?

As always ❤









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