Coming Soon – Newest Additions


I had a plan to add a VS today but life got away from me. So instead I am going to lay out my newest additions. A coming soon type blog. I have had some pretty neat ideas that I want to include. Lets face it no one wants to read review after review. Reviews are subjective to the person writing them. So instead here is what I am going to be blogging about. With a few reviews thrown in because sometimes I need to rant/rave about a book.



You have already seen what this one is about. Two books with similar themes thrown together in a battle between certain aspects. This gives you an idea of the book, romance, plot, and other areas without a big review. Bonus only one book wins. Occasionally both lose. This is one of my favorite ideas. So watch out as I will try to do once a week or every two weeks.


Tropes aka things that are the same in every book. Enemies to lovers, hidden away royalty, best friends to lovers, parents turn out evil. You see where I am going with this. But instead of all the newest books that have these tropes I will be doing some of my favorites. They could be years old, only in e-book form, or brand new. Mix that all together and you may just find a new book to love.

Drink & Read

Are you one of those people who like aesthetics? A good bookstagram photo? I will be going hunting for beer, wine, soda, and the like that matches covers. It won’t be a taste this because I think it matches the flavor of the book. I am not that much of a drink snob. (Note to drink these its 21 and over, apparently I need to point that out) This way you can read, drink?, and take a lovely photo. (I should add in that I think my husband pitched this idea so he could try out a bunch of new stuff)

Book Box Round-up

You may have noticed that at the end of every month I post pictures of every box I get. There may be quite a few. I have a problem, it has been established. Anyway this is a way for you to see what came in the boxes and my ideas on the quality and such. I am forever finding new ones to try and you can always suggest one. In addition if you are a trader this way you can see if there is something you missed out and want to try to trade for.


Overall this is my new list of what will be going on in the future. I will still be doing release information for authors, reviews, and such. But I want to focus on giving content that won’t bore you.

As always ❤

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