Versus: Firebolt vs. Blood Oath

Happy Thursday Everyone! It is so close to a three day weekend I can imagine all the books I will be reading.

Today we have another Versus. This time between two dragon books. Both aren’t hyped about enough in my opinion. So this is a chance to learn more about two books you may or may not want to spend all weekend reading. So without further ado here comes the battle!

Battle #1 Plot:

Firebolt: Elena learns she is from a secret island where dragons exist and in order to find her place she must graduate on the back of her own dragon. After running from something her entire life she must stop and fight. The problem is learning about all these dragon shifters and a king who is evil and may just want her dead.

Blood Oath: Ryn was living with her mother and craving adventure until the kings Drae shows up and her world turns upside-down. Now she is captured by the Lord Irrik and is forced to play a game of deception she has no idea how to.

Winner: Firebolt – The plot draws you in and makes you wish you could find this secret place and have a dragon shifter of your own.

Battle #2: World Building

Firebolt: A society that exists in our world but is hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle. Only dragons can come and go. The world is built around ours with touches of society bleeding through but in a place must more advanced than we are. Plus dragons!

Blood Oath: A famine ridden land where Phaeton (healers of the land) and Drae ( dragon shifters) live. A completely new world built on the idea that kings rule lands that are dying and the high king is a Drae who only wants power.

Winner: Blood Oath – While I would not want to live in this world the authors do an amazing job making it feel so realistic. You can tell people are hungry and willing to do anything to survive.

Battle #3: Romance

Firebolt: Broody dragon shifter – Check, Slow burn romance- Check, Mates- Check

The romance takes books to finally get to a place where you don’t want to scream at Elena.

Blood Oath: Broody dragon shifter – check, uber slow burn – check, mates – check

This romance is so pure and heart wrenching that you just want to fix them.

Winner: Blood Oath – The NA romance is real and you want to fight for them.

Battle #4: Binge ability

Firebolt: This is a series of books. Be prepared to sit down and read the first few before you feel like you can slow down. I will say you are going to get peeved at one point or another at how drawn out it is. But you will keep reading anyway because you just need to see the twists work out in the end. The author pulls you back in just when you get fed up.

Blood Oath: Two out of the Three books are out. Put aside time to binge them right in a row. The twists and turns will make it impossible to put the first one down. Seriously I read it till 3 am.

Winner: Blood Oath – I cannot say enough how well this story is paced and how the plot gets you excited  and stressed form Ryn.

Winner of this Versus:










Obviously Blood Oath.


While I have to say Firebolt is one of my favorite Dragon series it is kind of juvenile. Whereas Blood Oath is more NA and feels more realistic and heart wrenching.


Honestly if you have time read both of these. Firebolt is free on the kindle store.

Firebolt Goodreads Link

Blood Oath Goodreads Link

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