Versus: The Cruel Price vs Enchantment of Ravens

Vs. Realistic Fae Books

:Best Announcer Voice: Its time again for Versus.

This week I will be focusing on two books that most people enjoyed that I well….didn’t. So if you get upset at people with different opinions be aware I will be blunt with my thoughts. Also at the very bottom I have a few spoiler questions for anyone who can answer them. So read on if you dare to see how I feel about The Cruel Prince by Holly Black against Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson.

**These are my opinions on the book. I do not mean to offend and I apologize if I do. If this isn’t how you feel you can always comment. But know that I am not attacking anyone or trying to piss people off. I am blunt and as this is my blog “shrug”.

Round 1: World Building

CP: True to the mythology the fae world is brutal, bloody, and humans are just tools. The detail shows you just how beautiful the world is but also how deadly it can be. The different races of fae are well thought out and the red cap is perfectly described.

EoR: Emotionless beings who collect things also matches mythology of fae. The world is bright but seems to be lacking in emotion. Which is what the author wants. Collecting pretty things is what makes them happy. The world building reflects that.

Winner: Cruel Prince by leaps and bounds. I don’t think it needs more explanation than red caps.

Round 2: Plot

CP: Jude watches her parents murdered and then is taken with her sisters to the High Court of Faerie to live. Jude wants to belong at court and be one of the Fae, even though she is human. Cardan is a Fae prince and looks down on Jude. Jude must defy everyone to save herself, sisters, and possibly all of Faerie.

My thoughts on plot of CP: Whine, whine, I want to be fae, whine whine, betray. I dislike Jude and Cardan is just meh for me. I will do spoilers at the end with more thoughts.

EoR: Isobel is an amazing painter. The fae come to her so she can paint their likeness. When she falls in love with the Faerie prince her life changes. She follows him into faerie and with her painting craft she may just help the immortal fae feel emotions.

My thoughts of EoR: What? I mean painting feelings? Kind of cool but how is this a plot?

Winner: Cruel Prince I guess. At least the plot makes a bit more sense.

Round 3: Romance

CP: Jude thinks Carden is hot. (See below)

EoR: Isobel falls for Rook who kind of has feelings for her. But he can’t really have feelings except when they are painted? (again see below but beware spoilers!)

Winner: Enchantment of Ravens. Why? At least there is a touch of romance. I think ish.











Cruel Prince wins this one. “She says with a shrug”


Goodreads Links:

Cruel Prince

An Enchantment of Ravens


Seriously if you haven’t read these please go away now. I don’t want to ruin it for you. Even if I made them sound meh I want everyone to make their own opinions.







Alright if you are still here I have some questions. No really feel free to comment, find me on twitter, or just shout at your laptop. Your choice.

Q1: Where is the romance in Cruel Prince? I see all these fan arts and love for Jude and Cardan but I just didn’t see it. Was it there?

Q2: For both books. Uh guys both girls are human. So if the Fae wait like 70 years they will be dead and problem solved. Move on. Good day. So how is Isobel in charge now if shes human? Shes gonna die….

Q3: I am still on the how does it matter if they are both human thing. I just… its killing me. I wanted to love both these books and I just…

:walks away to ponder what I missed in these books:


  1. Love these posts of yours.. I haven’t read EoR yet but Cruel Prince was something I did enjoy… but it did get confusing sometimes… and I totally agree about one thing, there was no romance… I still don’t understand why everyone loves them together..

    Liked by 2 people

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