Versus: Road-trip/Bands Battle Books

Hello! I am sorry this week I haven’t had my normal amount of posts. It has just been super busy. But never fear! Versus is here! Today we are going to divert away from the fantasy books. Instead lets do some contemporary romance. The books I choose are Jessica Pennington’s Love Songs & Other Lies (LS&OL) and Jenna Evans Welch Love & Luck (L&L).

Both books have Music Festivals, road trips, and love that takes awhile.

Battle 1: Plot

LS&OL: Two years after heartbreak Vee is just looking for a fun summer. Her friends just landed a spot on a battling bands reality show, and Vee is joining. Three months with future rockstars seems like an epic summer plan. Her first love, and her first heartbreak Cam is also on the bus. Cam wants forgiveness, and will do anything to get it. Will Vee reveal the past and change the song. Only the road-trip will tell.

L&L: Addie is in Ireland for her Aunt’s destination wedding. After a fist fight against her brother at the ceremony ends in an ultimatum from her mom. Stay out of trouble with her brother while in Italy or get kicked off their teams. Instead of heading off to visit her best friend in Italy Addie finds herself trapped in a small car with her brother Ian and his Irish friend Rowan. Using a guidebook to help get over her heartbreak problems Addie is along for the ride. Cue a road-trip to cure heartbreak and make it to the big concert.

Winner: L&L The plot is just fantastic and keeps you hanging on each word. Plus the first paragraph just reels you in.

Battle 2: Romance

LS&OL: This book goes back and forth from the past to the present. Telling two stories, the way Cam and Vee met and fell in love and the battle of the bands tour. Its a romance that you feel in your soul.

L&L: Slow burn. So slow that you just love the subtle romance. It isn’t the main point of the book and that’s ok.. Its just an add in that adds to it.

Winner: LS&OL. The romance punches you in the face and you just want to sing along to heartbreak and love found.

Battle 3: Music-bility (thats not a word but meh)

LS&OL: Music, lyrics, hot bands. This book has music in every page. It is the plot that moves the story forward. Bands and the romance that creates the best songs. Jessica wrote her own lyrics for this book and its wonderful.

L&L: A roadtrip to see the bands final concert. Music from the beginning to the end. While it is again a secondary theme it is still there and moves the story forward.

Winner: LS&OL. Music is this book.

Final Battle: Heartbreak (and heart-fixes, look at me making up words)

LS&OL: Heartbreaks make the best songs and that is a huge part of the story. Vee doesn’t want anything to do with Cam. Cam wants to heal her heart and get forgiveness.

L&L: The guidebook Addie uses is called Ireland for the Heartbroken. It is meant to help heal heartbreaks and move you forward.

Winner: L&L. The guidebook is a book that I really want to read. The heartbreak is brought in each chapter and the healing is shown.

And the winner is:










Love & Luck – This book made me laugh, cry, and heal right along with Addie. The pain was real and so is the reality of healing. The guidebook is so well written that it could be a book that I would read (is it? Can I buy it?).

Goodreads Links:

Love & Luck

Love Songs & Other Lies

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