Mini Book Reviews

It is finally Friday! This week has been the longest. I threw out my shoulder and can’t lift anything for a week. Which means more time to read? Hopefully!

Anyway. Instead of doing giant reviews today I am going to do 3 mini reviews.

First up: Save the Date by Morgan Matson

Plot: Charlie has a big family and being the youngest by a wide margin she has always looked up to her siblings. Now they will all be home for her sister’s wedding. Shenanigans begin as Charlie tries to make sure the wedding is perfect.

Review: There was so much more to this than I was expecting. It is a subtle romance instead of all about the romance. Instead the book focuses on family, future, and saving face.

I read this in one sitting and absolutely loved it. The characters were hilarious and you wanted to take the rose colored glasses off Charlie through the whole thing. I highly recommend if you are looking for a contemporary to read!,

Should you read? Do you like contemporary which isn’t all about romance?

Next up: Girls of Paper and Fire

Plot: Each year 8 paper girls are chosen to serve the demon king. This year Lei is chosen as the 9th girl. Taken from her home she must make her own way at the palace. Lei must learns the ways of court while hiding her forbidden romance.

Review:Let me start off by saying the world building in this is just phenomenal. The moon, steel, and paper castes are so well thought out that. you can picture the different demons throughout and find yourself emursed in a new kingdom.
The romance was wonderful and not at all what you are expecting. It made you want to squeal and fight for love. Fight for what you want.
This was in no way what I was expecting but I really enjoyed the story. It dragged you into the middle and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Last but not least: Kissing Max Holden

Plot: Max and Jillian have been neighbors and friends forever. But when Max’s father has an accident everything changes. Jillian knows she shouldn’t let a drunk Max in her window, let alone have him kiss her. But she can’t help it. Everything goes crazy from there.

Review: I have had this sitting on my shelf since it came out. I finally got around to reading it and am very sad it took me so long. I love a good contemporary romance. This one has more than romance. There are multiple big plots that all interweave to create this fantastic read. My only problem is that it takes forever for both of them to realize what they want.

Should you read? Do you like more substance to your romances?


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