Blind Date with a Book

Hello! Today I want to try something new. We all love finding those blind date with a book at the store, or at least I do. I figured I would try to do that through my blog. I will be focusing on not top of the charts books. Maybe find you something you may not have known about but will definitely love. At the end I will give you a link to buy it and a reveal of the cover. But for the most part I won’t reveal anything during the post.

I hope you enjoy! And please let me know if you do so I know to do more.


Most Memorable Quote:

“I was going to die because I did the one thing I swore I would never do… I fell in love

Plot without Spoilers:

She is afraid of the water after her sister drown. Years later she can barely keep herself together. The last thing she wants is to fall for the handsome swim instructor at camp.

He is connected to her in ways she cannot understand. With his help she will discover who she is truly meant to be and maybe face her fears. If only she can believe in herself and him.

Romance Level:

This is a sweet and spicy romance. For me that means no sex, just kissing and such.

Should you try it out?

Mermaids? Gods? Mystery? Suspense? A completed series?

Best part? Its free on Kindle! Want to try it out? Click HERE to go to Amazon.

Want a peek at the cover and title before you buy? Look below for the spoiler!










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