Versus: Author Battle

Hello everyone. Today I want to battle two authors instead of books. Lets see who will win.

In this corner we have!

Sarah Dessen!

And her Competitor!

Kasie West!

You may notice these are two very well know YA romance writers. Hence the battle. Which is better? Which has a better romance? Well lets see which wins.

Battle 1: Romance

Dessen: Sweet and romantic. Like how you picture a Hallmark movie playing out. Honestly most of the books you can picture as a Hallmark movie. Another good word, swoony.

West: Drawn out. Most of the romance takes a long time to come to fruition. For most books you have a weird love triangle that gets resolved in the end.

Winner: Dessen. Most romance, less drama.5664985

Book pick: Along for the ride.

Goodreads Link





Battle 2: Female Leads

Dessen: Strong woman who come from tragic pasts. Each with their own strength and need for a friend. But each with the power to overcome.

West: Girls who grew up with not so much tragedy. Some are popular, independent, or shy. But most without tragedy.

Winner: Tie! Both have strong leads but in their own ways. I prefer West but others would like Dessen.


Dessen: The Moon & More Goodreads

West: Lucky In Love Goodreads

Final Battle: Swoonworthy Love Interest

Dessen: Strong, independant, and definately swoonworthy. Each love interest has a past, a sexy look, and a want to make the girl happy.

West: Douchy, best friends, and enemies make up most of these books. Each one has their own personality.30256248

Winner: West. I just love the love interests. They each make me happy.

Suggested Read: By Your Side Goodreads





Overall Winner: TIE

Both authors have their own ways to write wonderful swoony, hilarious, and downright silly romance that any reader will love. If you haven’t tried them out I would highly suggest it. See above suggestions.

Which is your favorite author? Book by them?

One comment

  1. I haven’t read anything by Kasie West but I have read from Sarah Dessen! I love Just Listen and Dreamland and I would like to reread them soon!


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