Versus: Fallen Angels


If your new to my blog here is my versus post for this week. Basically pit two books I think have something in common and have them battle to find out which I think are best.

This week I am looking at Fallen Angel books, Fallen series and Hush, Hush series.

Battle 1: Fallen Angel Believability

Fallen: Love and falling because of it. I can see it but it just doesn’t add all the way up. The author kind of needed a super romantic story and used that to plan the fall.

Hush: Falling because of a want to be human seems super plausible.

Winner: Hush Hush. I just think if we are doing belief this one seems more realistic for why the angel would fall.

Battle 2: Romance

Fallen: meeting again and again only to be separated by death. The ultimate in romance and true love.

Hush: Falling for the one who could save or destroy you. Another trope that is widely loved in romance.

Winner: Tie. These two are both so romantic and in their own way you just love to hate the romance.

Battle 3: Angel Fights

Fallen: Fighting with fallen angels and themselves is something this series does. Who is on which side and why are there so many hot guys fighting over one girl.

Hush: Fallen angels, nephailim, and in between. This book has so much fighting and backstabbing and did I mention fighting.

Winner: Hush, Hush. I mean every book is just one big battle with so many enemies. It is literally all just fighting with a touch of everything else.

Final Battle: Ability for series

Fallen: This series is wonderful. The plot and conclusion are well thought out. I won’t spoil anything but it is not what I was expecting.

Hush: It feels like each book is separate and the main characters are just still there.

Winner: Fallen. It really all flows together so well.












Goodreads Links:

Fallen – Goodreads

Hush, Hush – Goodreads

What do you think? Should Fallen have won? A tie? Have you read either series? Did you know Fallen was a movie and Hush, Hush is being made into one?

Until Next time. ❤

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