Finding ARC’s in the Wild


As many of you know a lot of people who blog get ARCs (Advanced Review Copies). These may be e-galleys, physical copies, or a mix. The bigger your blog/following the more likely publishers will send you galleys. Now that doesn’t mean all bloggers get them. I have had blogs for over two years and have never gotten an ARC from a publisher that I hadn’t won in a giveaway.

So how does the smaller blogger go about reading copies before they are released to write reviews?

  • Trading on twitter/facebook is huge.
    • But honestly a lot of people won’t give up unreleased books unless you have another unreleased book or something they want desperately. It has turned into a collector thing and sometimes it is just tough to find someone willing to trade for a hardcover.
    • Still worth a try if you want to find friends and maybe a new read. If you are on twitter #arcsfortrade or #booksfortrade. Facebook has trading groups.
  • Used book stores
    • Do you live in a bigger city? Near one? Try going to indie resale stores. Not Half Price Books (they are kind of snobs about it and won’t take kindly to you asking if they have arcs)
    • I have found older Arcs and even unreleased at used book sales, used book stores, and even the library. You just have to hunt through and take the time to search.
  • Indie book stores
    • If you have an indie store near you that does author visits chances are they have ARCs. If you are a blogger in the area and promote their store, go to their events you can ask if you can borrow or have a few of their ARC’s. Some may just let you.
  • Indie authors
    • Not just the top books coming out but authors you love. Many of them have street teams/beta teams that help with putting the word out about their books.
    • Find an author you love and see if they have a street team, chances are they may and those usually give out e-galleys.
  • Giveaways
    • Enter all of the RT/F giveaways for arcs, enter goodreads giveaways, release giveaways. Chances are you will win a few. Just be sure to thank the people and post reviews of the books.
  • Friends
    • Make friends! Seriously this is the best way. If you have friends who are bloggers they will share and trade and help you find those books you really want.
  • Travel to a festival
    • If you can, which some people can’t, find a book festival near you. DC area has a bunch if you are around there. Yallfest, Yallwest, Book-con, BEA, and so many more. A lot of publishers have booths with ARC giveaways.
    • I suggest you bring some business cards with your blog info on it if you want to try to make contacts.
  • When all else fails – NetGalley/Edelweiss
    • There is nothing wrong with e-galleys. You still get to read the book and if you love it you can try trading for an ARC once the book has been released. People are easier to trade when the book is already out.
    • I prefer Netgalley because it is easier to use but both give you the opportunity to request books and read/review there.

Do you have another way? I have found that it is hard to get arcs from publishers but that you can still be an amazing blogger without ever even having read an arc.

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