Moonlit Reads Trick or Treat Blog Tour

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Welcome to the First Annual “Trick or Treat” Blog Tour hosted by Moonlit Reads!

This tour is the first to come of many. It takes place during the last 13 days of October leading up to Halloween Day. Trick or treat along the tour finding giveaways, interviews, blurbs, and more! You can find the start of the tour and its schedule on Moonlit Reads Day 1 post!

Now, let the spooky begin!

My stop on the tour is an Author Interview with Deborah Schaumberg about her book, The Tombs. Lets get down to it.

1. Did you get to tour the real live tombs?

Oh, how I wish I could have walked through those damp and dreadful prison halls! Unfortunately, the Tombs was torn down in 1897 after it began sinking into Collect Pond over which it was built. Collect Pond was the dumping pool for local slaughterhouses and tanneries so the Tombs was literally built over ground soaked in blood and guts!

2. Did you use any other places for inspiration? Perhaps something a tad haunted?

There is the Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell Island – the stories of what happened there and images of the ruined buildings stirred my imagination while I wrote The Tombs! It is so disturbing it may just have to play a role in the sequel – and it is most definitely haunted!

3. What was your favorite part of the book to write?

I think my favorite part to write was when Avery discovers Hanover Gentry’s conservatory hidden within the walls of the Tombs. I love the contrast of this beautiful, almost magical place in the heart of a prison full of darkness and despair. I also loved writing Hanover Gentry’s quirky and likable character. He was a favorite of my editor at HarperTeen.

4. Is there a piece of yourself in Avery? Or one of the other characters?

Although I did not base any of the characters on myself, I do think there is a piece of me in Avery. It could be her fierce loyalty to family and friends…or it could very well be her self-doubt, which I struggle with at times.

5. Would Avery, Khan, and Indigo do well in a corn maze or would they get completely lost?

Hmmm, interesting question. Let’s see – Avery would get totally lost at first and probably be angry at herself, but she would build a ladder out of sticks to see her way out; Khan I think, would have a natural sense of direction and not get lost in the first place; and Indigo would use his power to force the first person he comes across to show him the way out.

6. Who do you think Avery would be for Halloween?

Okay, so Avery lives in 1882 New York, and of course she loves Halloween costumes. She would have dressed up as Clara Barton, the Civil War nurse, but it is Halloween so…Clara Barton after she was infected with a plague that turned her into a zombie!

7. If you had to choose, which kind of powers would you have?

I love this question because I know the answer right away – I want to be able to fly! Ever since I was a kid I’ve had flying dreams and once I jumped off a cliff with a hang glider. It was amazing!!

Author Bio

Originally from Brooklyn, Deborah Schaumberg grew up renovating old houses with her family where she and her father would walk the rooms making up ghost stories. She studied architecture in New Orleans surrounded by crumbling plantations, creepy cemeteries, and tales of voodoo magic. As a writer and artist, Deborah combines history with fantasy. HarperTeen published her debut young adult novel, The Tombs, in February of 2018. She lives in Maryland with her family and her dog, Nola. She’s a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators through which she found her agent. She collects old bottles and her favorite holiday is, you guessed it, Halloween.

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Have you read The Tombs? What did you think of it? Make sure you check back in with Moonlit Reads to see the next stop on the tour tomorrow.

❤ Auburn


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