Versus: Halloween Edition


It has been awhile since I have done a VS. Honestly sometimes it’s hard to find books that are fair to go against each other. But since it is Halloween it’s time for a witchy edition!

The Wicked Deep vs. Hocus Pocus: The all new sequel



WD: Three sisters who were drowned for supposidely being witches. They didn’t practice magic in the normal sense but they did have a certain otherworldyness to them.

HP: Sanderson sisters. Witches through and through. Back again to wreak havac.

Winner: Hocus Pocus. You really just can’t top them. They have such a way of being a witch.

Round 2: Spookiness

WD: Three weeks out of the year the sisters inhabit bodies and drown boys. Luring them out into the water.

HP: Up to no good again the sisters try to bring themselves back to life again.

Winner: Wicked Deep. There is just something about drowning that gets me.

Round 3: Romance

WD: Bo and Penny develop a romance that can be see through the ages. But is there something more to the sisters killings and romance? (Hm me thinks you should read it yourself. 😆)

HP: Uh.. not really? Less I missed something.

Final Round: Plot

WD: This plot jumps out and makes you say well F***. I did not see a lot of it happening and 💜

HP: If you loved the movie this can be read in their voices and what’s not to love about that. Amuck Amuck Amuck.








The Wicked Deep!

Honestly this book was not at all what I was expecting. I held off reading because it didn’t grab me in the beginning but after holding on it was worth it.

Buy Links:

Hocus Pocus: The All New Sequel

The Wicked Deep

What did you think? Have you read these? Would you have chosen a different winner?

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