Surviving Black Friday

Hello. Happy Turkey Day! Regardless of how you are celebrating or if your not I hope you have a good day and maybe get in some quiet reading time. I know family can be overwhelming and make you want to sit in a closet with a book… Not that I have done that….nope.

But with this time of year comes Black Friday. A day to spend money and maybe regret it later. For book nerds it’s all about the bookish. Shops are having sales, book boxes are having codes for money saving, and grab bags are everywhere. So how do you survive? Besides turning off your phone and resisting the urge here are some of my tips.

**Note that I have a lack of self control and my 14 books from Book Outlet purchase shows that.

***These are just tips!

Pick a Favorite

Do you have a favorite book? Fandom? Candle? Maybe a piece of swag you really want?

I suggest you find that one thing you have been looking forward to all year and add that to a must pile. Find your coupons, get your money, and buy that.

Bypass the Shiny

A lot of emails and Instagram posts are showing sales, buy one get one, free gift, scratch off(this one almost had me).

Don’t get taken in by all the shiny extras. Yeah they might sound cool but you are probably going to regret that purchase.

Do you really need to make your cart over $100 for free socks? Probably not.

Instead put that money (or wl) towards that favorite thing you wanted. Buy the series instead of one book. You’ll most likely feel better later.

Not all Grab Bags are Magical

This is the hardest for me. A lot of book boxes are doing grab bags. I am a sucker for mystery stuff (I can’t help it, it’s a true problem). But if you subscribe to that box you most likely have all that stuff.

Also your not guaranteed to get a fandom or type of item you like. You may end up with a bunch of book marks and art prints that you don’t care for. Then you have to trade them and ugh, just pass. That is unless you have no self control. (Aka me).

Create a WL then Walk Away

My final advice? Create a WL, a coupon code catalog. Then go and see what can you seriously afford, what will you enjoy month from now when it arrives.

Take that WL, put it down, walk away for a few hours. Come back and see if you still want all those things. I am guessing half of it you will wonder why the heck you thought you wanted it in the first place.

For me this is a rule. I can’t impulse buy. I don’t want to get up, see an Insta, fear I’m missing out, buy it, and insta regret. It’s happened. More than I care to say. So now I try to step back and figure out if I really want it or if I am having FOMO.

I hope these help. Have a good long weekend! ❤

Do these help? Are you looking to buy something specific for Black Friday? Come tell me in the comments or Twitter. We can cry over our frugal pain together.

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