Beat The Backlist 2019

Look at all of these books I have never read. *Gasp!* Yes yes, these are all very popular books. I meant to read them..but I just ended up rereading older books or indie reads. But for #beatthebacklist 2019 these are my TBR. I will do my best to get to each of these throughout the year. I read over 100 books this year these shouldn’t be that hard. I say as I plan on 50 other books I want to read.

Why did I pick these? Well when I was looking at my new shelves and having all of my books out I realized that everyone talks about these books. I can never say anything because I never read them. Its almost embarrassing to admit that I have not read these. So I went around my bookshelves and choose ones that people talk about, rate highly, and rave about through art and blog posts.

Here is my list written out so I can go through and check them off next year:

  1. The Raven Boys
  2. The Summer I turned Pretty
  3. When Dimple Met Rishi
  4. Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here
  5. Surviving Adam Meade
  6. Furyborn
  7. Tempests and Slaughter
  8. Children of Blood and Bone
  9. Heart of Iron
  10. Alchemists of the Loom
  11. Truthwitch
  12. This Mortal Coil
  13. City of Brass
  14. Ash Princess
  15. Spinning Silver
  16. Heart of Thorns
  17. These Rebel Waves


Are you participating in NovelKnights beat the backlist? You can find a link to it below. Let me know if you loved any of these books and whats top on your list.

Novel Knight Beat the Backlist


  1. I am working on my sign up post for this challenge right now! I have too many books from the last few years just sitting on my shelves waiting for me to read them. From your list I highly recommend When Dimple Met Rishi! It is a sweet and fun book. Good luck and happy reading!

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