ARC Review – Blood Heir

Hello! So I just finished Blood Heir and while it’s fresh in my mind here is a review. Don’t worry there are absolutely no spoilers for this one.

First off let’s get some info on the book. The cover is not final and so I will be using my ARC for the picture. Though I have a feeling the cover will be epic for this one.

Book Synopsis

A fugitive princess with the power to control blood. A black-hearted conman with no past and no future. An Empire spiraling into darkness. A world worth saving.

The Cyrilian Empire: a glittering white sprawl of frozen tundras and ancient, snow-capped forests, where ice spirits roam beneath the flickering northern lights, and where slavers hunt Affinites — those born with powers to manipulate elements.

Born with an horrifying Affinity to blood, Anastacya Mikhailov has never believed herself to be anything more than a monster. Her curse rings true when an accident in the dead of the night results in the death of her father, the Emperor of Cyrilia — and she is sentenced for his murder.

But Ana knows what she saw that night: the scent of poison in Papa’s blood, and the face of a murderer vanishing into the dark.

Alone, hunted, and on the run, Ana makes a bargain with Ramson Quicktongue, a handsome yet dangerous underground crime lord: help her find the true murderer and clear her name in exchange for her alliance.

When Ana’s search lands her in the lair of the most powerful slave trader in the Empire, she uncovers a horrifying truth. A new monarch stands poised to lead the empire to a path of hatred and divisiveness, and Ana must stop her before Cyrilia falls to darkness. But first, she must come to terms with the monster she thinks she is and the heir she was destined to be.

In a world where the princess is the monster, oppression is blind to skin color, and good and evil exist in shades of gray… comes a dark Anastasia retelling that explores love, loss, fear, and divisiveness, and how ultimately it is our choices that define who we are.


Told from opposing POV this book is long. The world building requires the length. You learn about a new world with Affinities and slave trading. Princess Ana and Con-man Ramson have to race against the empire and themselves to save everyone.

I enjoyed this book but I didn’t love it. The plot was fantastic but it was so long. It took me a few days to finish which is weird because normally when I start a great book I rush through it. The slow burn was there and the characters had growth. But it’s book 1 in the series and we all know what that means.

The Affinities were something that really got me into the book. I wish they had more of a presence. Otherwise I have all good things for this book. It was great and interesting the slow burn enemies to lovers is a favorite trope of mine.

Book Information and Links

Author:  Amelie When Zhao

Expected publication June 4, 2019

Length: 496 pages

Publisher: Delecorte Press

ISBN: 9780525707790

Check out this book on Goodreads: Blood Heir

Pre-Order on Amazon

One comment

  1. I can’t believe you got a copy of Blood Heir!! That’s awesome. It sounds soo good. It’s definitely on my most-anticipated for 2019.


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