Advent Calendar – Day 4

BB B11 (2)

Welcome to Day 4. Did you enter my giveaway from yesterday? Be sure to check it out. CLICK HERE to go back to my Day 1 with all the links.

Today I want to focus on silly gifts. What is the most ridiculous gift you have ever seen on the internet. I know there is some crazy bookish gifts out there. I have compiled a few of my favorites below. Let me know what you think and if you had seen any other things. I am a fan of all things weird.

Rex vs King Kong

Amazon Link


Look at these! I mean who wouldn’t want this on their shelves. Plus the added bonus of her in pjs right in the front. A gift for the fun lover of King Kong.

Harry Potter Tie Clutch

Amazon Link


I do love Harry Potter but walking around with a clutch with the robes on it is just a bit much. Or is it just me. It is kind of cute? They have ones for every house of course.

Book Lovers Mug

Etsy Mug Shop


Alright so who doesn’t love a good mug. This etsy shop by PrintsinPyjamas has so many to choose from. This is one of my favorites. I mean who doesn’t want to tell someone to shut it while you are reading. Interruptions always seem to come right at the good parts.

Sundial Wristwatch

Amazon Buy Link


Alright so this isnt really that bookish. But come on who would wear a sundial on their wrist? Would you? I mean it would be quite the conversation starter.

Book Tote

Book Riot Buy Link


Book Riots website has some crazy fun book stuff that any book lover would love. But this tote besides being ridiculous makes me laugh so loud. Can you imagine toting (haha) this around town? I may love totes but I don’t think I would even do this one.

What was your favorite one of these? Do you want to see more fun things you can buy? Let me know in the comments or come find me on twitter and we can laugh at all these fun gifts.

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