Advent Calendar – Day 6 Versus


It is Day 6 of my Advent Calendar and today we are doing a Versus edition. As you can see I am also working on figuring out the new WordPress. I know at some point they will switch me over. So lets see how this turns out.

Battle of the East of The Sun, West of the Moon Books. (NO SPOILERS)

Battle 1: Retellings

EN: This retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon is changed from the original and includes a wolf instead of a bear and a few extra fairy tales thrown in to mix it up.

CB: Keeps with the same plot of the original story with just a few additions added in.

Winner: EN. While keeping with the premise of the original story it has elements that make the retelling fresh and new.

Battle 2: Love Story

Anyone who knows this story knows that it is all about the power of love triumphing over evil.

EN: Subtle is the only way I can put it. The romance is backstory while it should have been more prevalent. At the end it just swoops in to be the most important part. 

CB: Slow burn through the whole story and way more believable that it grows from hate and indifference.

Winner: CB for sure. It is there and part of the narrative.

Battle 4: Plot

EN: Girl goes with wolf to save her family, is stuck in an ever-changing house and forced to be alone. Finds solace in book mirrors where she can live the story.

CB: Girl agrees to go with bear to get her family money. Stuck in a cold house she turns to hobbies and reading with the bear.

Winner: EN. The story was changed and different and there were so many new elements with nods to other fairy tales.

Final Battle: Overall Readability

As many of you know I normally do a conclusion or final for the last battle. But since Echo North is not yet out I don’t want to ruin it. Instead I will rate the readability based on how much I enjoyed it. “You may feel differently

EN: Read in one sitting. Honestly going in I had no idea it was a retelling of East of the Sun. I thought it was a Beauty and the Beast. The author does a good job of weaving in new elements and making it more exciting.

CB: A solid read if you enjoyed the original story. This one sticks pretty close to it and the first part is kind of dry and monotonous.

Winner: EN by far!

Versus Overall Winner!

Echo North. If you didn’t realize it was the winner in most categories. I think anyone who loves re-tellings with twists should check this one out.

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Echo North Goodreads Link
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Echo North Amazon Link

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