Advent Calendar – Day 15 – Conquering your TBR

I apologize my giveaway didn’t go up yet. Apparently Amazon took it’s sweet time starting it. 🤦 But I am working on it. I don’t want to click the link a billion times and end up with 50 prizes. I will keep you updated as I figure it out.

I have been running out of ideas. Who knew posting every day would require so much forethought. Ok the whole world.

Today I want to give a few ideas on how not to be crushed by your TBR pile. We all have them. Yours may be library books, e-books, ARCs, or books you have had for years.

Mine is a mix of all of those. Honestly I am not sure if I even read? My TBR pile is a monster that grows when I am not looking.

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Above is my TBR for next year …and the one from this year. I will hide in shame at the fact I read almost none of those. I am awful at TBR. My moods dictate what I read. So here are 10 ways to conquer your TBR. From me to you.

Conquer Your TBR

  1. Some people like Piles, while others just grab. Find what works for you. Lately TBR carts have become popular. That way stacks of books can be kept together and not fall on top of you from being so high.
  2. If you hate the idea of reading the next on your TBR, don’t. Reread a favorite or move on. It will wait for you.
  3. Put books you really want to read aside and have another pile of just bought books. Rotate out old and new.
  4. Set a goal. Be it to read 20 books you own and 20 books you have to read for school, blog, or advanced copy.
  5. Write down your read books! Get a planner, a dot journal, an old receipt. That way you know you read it.
  6. If you didn’t love a book and are sure you won’t read it again, donate it. Give it away, trade it. It takes up room that could go to new books.
  7. Don’t be afraid to not read for days, weeks. It will wait.
  8. If you use an e-reader make shelves. Even if it’s a TBR, Read now, never touch again, I read that. Shelves help you to know what you’ve read. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a book and realized.. I had read it already
  9. Buy more books! You can never have enough. Just maybe don’t tell your other books?
  10. Finally… If you hate your TBR redo it. Unless you made a commitment and it’s due tomorrow you have time. Find a stack you love. Even if it’s books you have read 100 times!

How do you stay on top of your TBR? I’m the worst but I have been trying to be better at it!


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