Advent Calendar – Day 19

BB B11 (2)

Hello again. I missed another day. I have been having a very rough couple of days and I just didn’t feel like writing anything. But today I want to spend some time talking about just how wonderful the book community is. Sure some people are real jerks and they can ruin it for a lot of people. But if you look past it then you can see how wonderful everyone is.

***Side note: My instagram giveaway is still open! So go find the post with the Christmas tree (and My New Crush Gave To Me). And tell me what book character you would love to see in a Hallmark movie. You could win a $15.00 BD book of your choice.

The Book Community of Love

Being a part of a community can be one of the most rewarding things around. Your supported, people understand your book love, and you can gush as much as you want. There is always someone who wants to gush right along with you. Making friends online is sometimes easier and that doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

I have met some wonderful people. And I also have so many acquaintances that I know would have my back even if we don’t talk all the time. A lot of them have been so supportive these past few days (I LOVE YOU ALL).

The Bad

If you guys don’t know a few people have been trying to use my generosity to force me to give them books. I do a lot of giveaways or sometimes I just am generous and grant wishes. Ok I grant a lot of wishes and send a lot of stuff because I love being a gifter. I sometimes have the means and giving people books makes me feel good. That doesn’t mean I HAVE to give books. That doesn’t mean I should give you books if you ask. It means that sometimes I find someone and want to make their day.

I promise if you follow me and interact, enter giveaways, pretty much everyone has a HUGE chance of winning.

The Comeback

So now that we are past the ugly I want to focus more on the love. The community and the joy of cheering eachother on. There are blogs, bookstagrams, awards, finding a rare book, and trading for your personal Unicorns. Each post has even just one person there with a gif of cheering or hundreds of people screaming along with you. It is honestly so uplifting. People search stores, they offer their own personal collections, they go to events, or so many other things just to make their friends smile.

I never really had bookish friends before I joined twitter/blogging last year. And I stayed in the background until one wonderful person Christina reached out to me. She is one of the most wonderful bookish girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She helped me get started with trading and blogging and just helped me out of my shell.

From there I started to do giveaways, trade, and become more active in cheering for others. I still get nervous replying to people. So if I like your tweet its not me being weird. Plus I may think I am following you when I am not. And I apologize for that.

Overall there may be a few bad people but the book community is so lovely and wonderful and the point is to not let those few people ruin it.

I would love it if we could be friends on twitter. Come find me and say hello. I am usually the one promoting books or cheering for people. Although I may disappear for the holidays I am always around if you need someone to talk to. Remember that the book community is pretty much a family of authors, bloggers, readers, and anyone inbetween. Feel free to reach out and connect. You never know when you will meet a new friend.


  1. I love the bookish community and the chance to “talk” books and share exciting publishing news too. I’m saddened that people are trying to use you, but am happy you can focus on the positives. Merry Christmas! May you be blessed this holiday season and all year long.

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