Happy Holidays!


Hello! For some today is Christmas Day and Others it is just a wonderful time off with family or surrounded by books. Either way I hope you have a beautiful day. I am most likely surrounded by new books, wrapping paper, and small children screaming about toys they won’t remember in a week.

But on a different note: I know the holidays can be tough. Some families are the greatest, sometimes we are all alone, and it can be just difficult to deal with.  So if you are feeling lonely, hurt, or just need someone to talk to you can message me on twitter and I promise to respond. Even if we have never talked go ahead and say hello. I can send you pictures of floofs and just be there.

Everyone needs a friend this holiday season. So let me be one. Promise I am not too lame.


Happy Holidays!

While my blog has scheduled posts I will not be adding anything new until 2019. I need a break to unwind, read more, and catch up with all the things I am missing out on. But in 2019 I will be back stronger than ever. Until then enjoy my unboxing posts up later this week.


Much love,


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