Book Box Unboxing! – Shelflove Reads Dec

Hello! I haven’t done a book box unboxing in awhile because most of the ones I have gotten haven’t been spectacular. Plus I cut back a lot on how many I purchased. But I am back and today I want to show off Decembers Shelflove Reads box. Now If you haven’t gotten yours or want to not know turn away! No really I am going to be showing it off soon. So SPOILERS AHEAD.


Alright lets look at this beauty. I will post full pictures and then what each piece is and the lovely artist behind them.

Nice box. Pretty box. (Shameless promotion of my blog). Ok Now to the SPOILERS:


Look at all of the beautiful things. Lets look at them all a little closer with a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reading Goals Bookmarks: Designed by @HeyAtlasCreative

Pride & Prejudice Inspired Book Sleeve: Designed by @KathyWellerArt’s

So Many Books, So Little Time Decal: To show off our endless TBR

Bibliophile Beanie: Designed by @KDPLetters

100 Essential Books for YA Readers Scratch-Off Poster: Scratch of poster by Shelflove Team

A to Z Challenge: Pick a tile and then find a book with that letter. A and The do not count! Can you read 26 different books each starting with a different letter.


What do you think? Don’t you love it. I can’t decide if I want to reread the 100 Essential and then scratch them off or scratch off pretty much all of them just to scratch them.











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