Book Box Unboxing! – Dec Faecrate

Time for another unboxing. Woot. (Do people even say Woot anymore. I might be old…)

So I have never bought a Faecrate before, ok never one I had no idea what was in it. I had to go and buy this one because they said the shirt was a sweatshirt and Percy Jackson releated. Plus they were putting an Eragon item in there. Well it just came today (last week when you read this) and I am……let down. It may be because Shelflove Reads was so great? Or maybe I had my hopes to high? But I do not think I will be buying another Faecrate that I do not know what is in it.

And with that sad fact lets take a look at what came in it!










Here she is. The beautiful box that made me sad.

Lets see whats in it, shall we.

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Are you wondering why I was so put out? Well the sweatshirt which is way to big for white. I do not like white. I was hoping for a Camp Halfblood or something orange/purple for the Percy Jackson. The mug warmer is from Eragon but it doesn’t really heat up.
Some may love each piece but overall I wasn’t overly impressed. Lets list out each piece and the artist shall we?

Saphira Mug Warmer

The Star Touched Queen Tapestry: Gabriella Bujoso

2019 Bookish Calendar: Gabi

Last Namsara Leather Clutch: LKDesign

Bibliophile Bumper Sticker:

Throne of Glass Polaroid: @Lexaarts_

Percy Jackson Sweatshirt: Designed by Vergeofwisteria

Book: Outrun the Wild by Elizabeth Tammi

What do you think? Do you see anything that interests you?

One comment

  1. Hm, this is kind of disappoint. 😦 I thought the Eragon thing was a phone charger or something, which would have been cool and a lot more practical. I don’t see myself using a mug warmer all that much. Of all these items, the one I liked the best was the Last Namsara clutch. I’m not sure I’d use it a whole lot, but it was the nicest looking overall.

    I agree with you about the sweatshirt. If it was going to be Percy themed, why not do an orange sweatshirt so it was camp themed?

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