Thoughts on Recent Discussions

Happy weekend! It has been a hard week for bloggers, authors, and influencers. If you have seen there has been a lot of talk about bloggers getting ARCs and not being respected. I have stayed mostly quiet because I have only been blogging for 2 ish years and my Twitter presence isn’t that big. I’ve never gotten a physical ARC from a publisher before. Any I have gotten are trades, giveaways, and friends who went to YA conventions.

That being said I think I finally have my thoughts together. These are my thoughts and you may not like them, but you might?

Below are some thoughts on blogging.

Here goes:

  • Blogging isn’t about how many ARCs you can get. It’s about showing love to books you love. It’s a place where you can go to share something that makes you happy.
  • Bloggers are the backbone of many self published authors. Most of the authors recognize just how much work we do for nothing.
  • While I think big publishers should acknowledge bloggers more I don’t see how they could pay us. There are so many and it would become a contest of followers. In order to be big enough to get paid a lot of smaller blogs would be left behind. The big blogs that we all love would continue to receive all of the ARCs, get paid, and continue to expand their market. While I love that it would be hard for anyone new to get a foothold.
  • On that sad note I do think publishers should be open to allowing other blogs to receive ARCs. It is very difficult to get in touch and heard through email. You pour your heart out in an email that probably won’t get read. An easier way to request would probably help them see others. (Such as the Google forms some publishers use).

A letter to Authors,

Authors. We do what we do because we love your books. We want to scream about it and help others find the joy we have. We draw, plot, and spend hours putting together posts. Some of us draw amazing fan art or have accounts dedicated to your book series.

Please recognize that your readers, no matter how young or old, are your market. We help promote, cheer, and push sales without pay and sometimes on very little sleep. So when you see a post that promotes your book share it, like it, or comment. Even just a heart shows us you see us and care.

Those authors who snub us, or act entitled, or worst of all say we aren’t worth the time. Well those authors we stop reading, stop promoting, and don’t recommend to friends. I have had a few authors who acted like they ran the world and were above interacting with fans. I haven’t read their books since.

I know you are busy. Writing is tough and takes time. But taking 5 minutes every once in awhile to say just how much your fans mean to you. It is everything we want.

My point is. Blogging matters, YOU matter. So if you get ARCs great, if you don’t that’s fine. Keep doing what you are doing. Reading a book before it comes out isn’t the be all end all. Really sometimes it’s better to wait for the finished, edited book.

What do you think? Did you weigh in?

Love 💙❤️


  1. I’ve only been blogging for 6 months, and I’ve gotten a few Arcs. It’s all about the work you put in, and who you network with. If you really want to get them, almost anyone can. Publishers are also cutting down on the number of arcs they print in general. I do this for no pay because I’m passionate about it. If it was a job, I might lose that passion, so I’m happy to share my time and my thoughts for nothing. Netgalley is my favorite way of working with publishers to promote books.

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