Beat the Backlist – Update 2

Week of 1/30

Hello my lovely followers, readers, and book lovers. January is almost over already and there are so many books to read for this year. I admit I started out strong only reading back list books but lately I have been overwhelmed with ARC’s that I need to read. Netgalley decided to throw 10 at me in the span of a week. In lieu of that all of my older books have been set on the back burner.

I feel like this is what happens every year. Hence all those older books just never get the love they deserve. But I am going to set aside the second half of February to just read my backlist. Lets hope I can catch up with my arc’s/new books before then.

So now that you know how I am failing lets see what i have been reading.

I am killing my challenge so far!

So I have read 29 books, well 30 actually because I have to write a review for The Beholder which I finished last night. I was way to tired to have good skills at saying what I wanted. (IT WAS AMAZING). So I have been on a book a day schedule for this month. I don’t think I can keep that up but it is nice to get ahead early.

So many good books. And a few epic fails

While I hope to keep reading all the books on my shelf we will have to see if I can do it. I also need to add like 20 books to the Beat the Backlist House Cup page. I am a fail at updating anything ( just ask me about my planner).

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