Overlooked E-Book – Spoken Mage

Happy Friday Everyone! I am posting a lot this week, go me! Today I want to take the time to point out an e-book I recently read that blew me away. Sometimes we all get caught up in new releases or big name books that smaller indie books don’t get the love they should. So I hope to keep up with a post a week on books I find that I love.

Book 1 of the Spoken Mag

Voice of Power
(The Spoken Mage #1)
by Melanie Cellier

In Elena’s world words have power over life and death–but none more so than hers.

As the daughter of shopkeepers, Elena has always known that the mysteries of reading and writing were closed to her. Only the mageborn can risk harnessing the power unleashed from putting pen to paper. Until Elena discovers an impossible new ability and joins the elite ranks of the mages.

But with the kingdom at war, the authorities can’t agree if Elena is an asset, or a threat they need to eliminate. Thrust into the unknown world of the Royal Academy without friends or experience, Elena will need all of her wits, strength, and new power to carve a place for herself.

Except as the attacks become more personal, wits and strength won’t be enough. Elena will have to turn to new friends and an enigmatic prince to unlock the mysterious potential of her words and survive her first year as a trainee mage.

Fans of Rachel E. Carter’s Black Mage Series come running! This is going to be your next favorite read. No really guys. This is just fantastically magical.

I borrowed this from KU but once I was about half way through I had to buy it. The cover draws you in, the plot sounds interesting, and it does not disappoint. The world where only certain people can read/write and throwing a commoner into the high society is a trope I will never get over. Add in enemies to lovers, slow burn, and friendship themes it has everything I love in a book.
I pre-ordered and have already read the second book and all I can say is… the next book cannot come soon enough.

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