Starting a Collection

Its the weekend finally! I have been mostly been out of commission for the past two weeks. But I feel much better and have a fun ideas for fun thoughts posts. But sadly I am so far behind on everything that it is going to take weeks to catch up. All of the reviews, blog posts, tours, and ugh. I swear this is a full time job. But moving on.

Am I booking wrong? What does it take to be a true collector?

Today I want to concentrate on starting a collection. If you are on any social media site you see the beautiful bookstagram posts. Collectors searching for editions of books you didn’t even know existed. So if you are a reader do you need a collection of 10 different books all that look different? Are you doing it wrong to not have every ARC, FC, and sprayed edge edition? Nope. Some people enjoy collecting their favorite author/series. Some collect swag, cards, maps, and so many other things. I mean almost every human has collected something in their lives. Be it pokemon cards, beanie babies, or you know other things. I am guilty of both of those. But lately I have been looking at people searching for certain collectors editions and wondered if I was booking wrong?

Do you need to Collect?

First off I want to say that to love books or an author you DO NOT need to own every edition, series, or book from them. I have favorite series from certain authors but dislike their other books. I also have favorite books that I own one copy of, a very loved copy, and I am happy with that.
That being said you can collect to your hearts content. I have 5 copies of Sky in the Deep. 3 different ARCS and 2 different covers of finished hardcovers. I believe I also have the paperback pre-ordered. So I am a collector just not of every book. Mostly I am just way to cheap to buy special editions. If i don’t pre-order it to start I don’t want to spend a bunch of money to get it later.
So how does one collect

Where to get Collectors Editions?

So you found a book you love so much you want to collect all the pretty covers. And there are some beautiful options. Lately everyone is in search of Nevernight, Cassandra Clare, or Sarah J. Maas books.
If you don’t have the money to buy the UK, US, Sprayed Edges, Book Box, and so on editions you may feel like you aren’t a true collector.
The good news: There are other ways to get those books you love.

  • Used Book Stores
    • I recently found an original cover of The Lightning Thief..
  • Booksfortrade/arcsfortrade
    • There are book trading groups on FB, goodreads, twitter, and I believe discord app. Although some may be harder to acquire because everyone wants them. But I have gotten many great trades for editions I wanted to collect.
  • Buy from bookoutlet, BD, abebooks
    • If you have the money you can search book websites for deals. You can sometimes find an edition you want (and sometimes they send one you weren’t expecting but really wanted)
  • Pre-order
    • Collectors pricing goes up after the first run. Sometimes to incredibly high prices that impress and sadden people.
  • Find friends to go in on shipping for overseas editions
    • Some websites have a minimum to ship for free and if you have book loving friends you can buy together to get the cheaper shipping costs.

If you have any other ideas on how to get those editions you want let me know so I can add them!

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