Beat the Backlist Update

End of February Update

Hello Everyone! How is it the end of Feb already? Time just keeps speeding up and my reading seems to be slowing down. Especially my beat the backlist reads. So many new books out this year and arc’s from ALA. So unforunately this update will be a tad sad. More of a Bad Auburn, Read more of the books you have post!

Uh. Nope. No 2018 books to see here. *face palm*

So not listed here is the only two books that are beat the back list. I have started the Throne of Glass series. I had read the first one a long time ago but never any of the others. I am almost through the second, Crown of Midnight. I have to be honest. It is super boring and I am having trouble figuring out why people love this series more than anything. Maybe it will get better with the other books. I have them all and its my plan to squeeze them in between all of my TBR books.

Overall the saddest update so far. I really need to focus more time on reading all of the books on my shevles. I mean I have so many but like any other reader I keep buying more. March… in March I will read 12 back list books. YOU HEARD IT HERE. Keep me to it!

How many backlist books do you hope to read in March?

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