Super Short Reviews

Hello! Today I am going to do some super mini reviews. That means a sentence or two for each book. It will be a “you should totally read this” or “this was boring”. Honestly I am so far behind on posting reviews that this is how I am going to catch up. Cheating a bit? Maybe but I am gonna do it anyway.

Shortest Reviews Ever GO

This was not what I was expecting and I loved it. Perfect for those who want a NA romance that shows both POVs. Has some sexy parts.

Goodreads Link

I had no idea what was happening this entire book. I think I missed the prequel? Wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve read the other books by her.


This was hyped to death in a few FB groups I am in. While it was a good dual POV read it was a solid 3 stars. I’d say if you have KU read it.


READ THIS. Ok it is not the best written but it is pretty adorable. The romance is cringy good and the ending isn’t her giving up everything for a man.


PREORDER THIS! Ok so this is a shameless add in. You need to read this one so we can cry together after you are done. Maybe create a support group?


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