Versus: Poisons Edition


It has been awhile since I did a versus post. I couldn’t find two books close enough to make it fun. But since two books with Poisons just came out it’s the perfect time. Of course the books are, The Antidote and Affair of Poisons.

Battle 1 – Poisons

Obviously the first has to be about the poisons. So how do these two include poison in the story? Which does it better?

Antidote: The poison in this book is subtle. But it is also one of the most important parts of the book. It is there the entire story.

AoP: The poisons in this book get deadlier and deadlier. I am saying that ironically because it starts with murder. But it does feature as a big plot point.

Winner – Antidote

Why Antidote you say? Because it is there and such an important piece so well strung through you wouldn’t even know.

Battle 2 – Romance

If you know me you know I am a sucker for a good romance. It is a big reason for me to read a book. So I always have to add that into the battles.

Antidote: I spent the entire book thinking of the romance the wrong way. I had the wrong person with the wrong person. But in the end I love how the author did this. It felt real in a way not many books have lately.

AoP: Enemies to lovers. Need I say more?

Winner: Antidote

Honestly the romance wasn’t a big part of this book but the way the author brought about the love and didn’t make it instant or full of top tropes makes it the best one.

Battle 3 – Plot

Antidote: A kingdom with a ban on magic. A prince in need of saving. A girl who will do anything to save him. (this is what the websites say). It has so much more. friendship, herbology, death, and three people who have to overcome everything to save their kingdom.

AoP: Set in an alternate King Louis XIV (with real historical nods), this follows a girl who unknowingly kills the king. Starting a revolution she wanted nothing to do with and forced to help the kings bastard son.

Winner – Affair of Poisons

While I normally do not like historical re-tellings this one is different. It has elements of history but if it was in an alternate universe. One with alchemy and cults.

Final Battle – Main Characters

We all know that some books are well written but the characters piss you off so much you can’t stand to read it

Antidote: While Fee was very naive she just wanted to save her friend. The fact that she wasn’t obsessively falling for her best friend but instead it focused on pure friendship made her one of my favorite heroines lately.

AoP: Two different sides of life but both have a long way to go. The main characters in this book go through so much pain and growth. I loved how the author brought them out of the dark of their sheltered lives and taught them through lessons to grow into better people.

Winner – Affair of Poisons

The author did a great job getting all the pain and growth shown through the story. The characters don’t stay the same and act like they have changed. The thoughts and writing change with them.


Tie. (face palm)

I had an idea of who I wanted to win this going in. Once I started thinking about them I realized they are two stories with things in common; but ultimately they are both well written on their own.
I wonder which you would have chosen to win? Check out both below and let me know after you read them which is your favorite.

Goodreads – The Antidote

Goodreads – An Affair of Poisons

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  1. These books both sound great! I think I’m going to have to read both of them, because I need to see how the romance in Antidote can possibly beat a friends to lover trope! :p This is a fun feature, thanks for sharing!


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