April TBR

How is this year flying by so fast? I feel like I have no time to read on top of everything else life throws my way. How has your year of reading been? Are you like me and just keep buying books while only reading a few of them. I recently unhauled a whole bunch of books and swag. So my TBR has decreased with all those books I knew I was never going to read.

With that though comes the April TBR. Do I go with ARC April or Beat the Backlist still? Try to do both in some way? I thought about this a lot and since I am a big mood reader I picked a bunch of books I felt like I wanted to read. I am sure I will stick with it for about a week and then give up on the pile to mood read again.

Here it is:

I didn’t choose a lot of books because of my mood reading but I did try to get a mix of backlist and ARCS. I admit I have not yet read Furyborn. Its so huge that I didn’t think I could devote the time it would need. Then I was lucky enough to get Kingsbane at ALA midwinter. So now I feel like I need to put in the time to read both of them.
I added a bit of happy with Small Town Hearts. It is out now but I still haven’t gotten around to it. So it counts as an ARC, I think.
Both Even The Darkest Stars and Assassins Heart are both random picks. They have been on my shelves for a bit and I want to finally get around to reading them. Hopefully I can stick to those at least since they aren’t doing me any good just sitting there looking pretty.

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