Unpopular Opinion – Bookish Things

Hello everyone. I was going to do a mini reviews but then I realized I have been so busy I haven’t read anything this week to review. So I figured instead I would do a list of some of the biggest pet peeves I have about the YA community.

Just know that these are my opinions. And it in no regard reflects certain people (insert rest of boring speech about not pissing people off).

  1. I dislike reading hyped books.
    1. I always feel like I have to love these books. For example ACOTAR. I didn’t read any of them until this year. Everyone is so obsessed with the Maas books that I went in with way to high hopes. I admit I haven’t read a lot of the most hyped books because I don’t want to go in with such expectations that it doesn’t live up to it.
  2. Book boxes are becoming very cheap in the things they include
    1. Lately I have stopped buying most boxes. There are so many paper items that I will never use. Yes some of the books and items are amazing but those have become so rare that I just trade for what I want.
  3. Books/Arcs for trade
    1. If you follow me you know I trade a whole lot. I tried to stop and I couldn’t. But lately it has become a terrible place to be. Instead of helping people get their hands on arcs to read/review it has become just about collectors trading unicorns or asking for ridiculous things in exchange for a book.
    2. I try my best to find something in someones media (I can’t always). I want to trade things but I am just not able to get my hands on what everyone wants. It makes me sad that people are only looking for a few things and no one else even bothers anymore.

I had more but then it took over an hour to get the kids to bed and I just want to watch Jane the Virgin and eat ice cream. Hopefully I can do another one of these at some point. Mostly because it helps me get thoughts out.

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