So you bought a Book Box and Didn’t get it. Now What?

Its the weekend…but not everything is rosy. If you have been watching the bonfire growing on social media about a few book boxes you might be concerned. You may have been one of the people waiting for their box. Or holding out hope that communication will start again. If not here are some options.

*I am currently being screwed with my Wicked & Whimsical from Whimsify.

Option 1

Wait. You can hold out hope that communication will come through and someone else will get them to respond. Not a great option since it has been a few weeks since people are responding.
If you have a request in for a refund you may not want to go this route. I know Enchanted Book box is not offering refunds and have not sent some of their items either. I am not as up to date with them since I do not order from them anymore

Option 2

File with your bank or Paypal. You can file a dispute as you did not get your items.

*This may not work if it has been over 6 months since the payment was made. It really depends on your bank. Paypal can be more forgiving but the fight is sometimes harder for them to return the money.

This is the best option if you are just over it and want your money back to wash your hands of this whole situation. I am almost to this point myself but I want my items.

Option 3

Now this is by far the biggest step you can take. It shouldn’t be taken in anger and I will give you the reasons why.

This step is to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint about the company in full. Now here is what happens when you contact the BBB

  • A company has 30 days to respond to the complaint themselves. Meaning they can contact the person or business that disputed them and try to work it out that way.
    • Both the company and customer must report the dispute resolved before the case will be closed.
  • A company must put together a proposal to fix the problem and submit it to the BBB. The BBB will then contact customers to see if they agree.
    • If company feels they have not done anything wrong it starts Mediation.
    • Mediation causes both parties to find a mutual agreement and uses a 3rd party to go through this process.
  • Filing with the BBB reflects the ability of the company to have a good rating and be used by other companies in the future. Meaning this isn’t a government solution but can cause damage to the company.

Moving Forward

Now that you have some ideas what is the best way? Honestly with a small business like this it is probably best to try and get your money back and move on. Since there isn’t a phone number or customer service department to contact you are in the dark until they choose to respond.

What should the Business do?

Now that I looked at what the customers can do. I want to say some ways small businesses can respond to this kind of problem.

    • If you are easily stressed or flustered.
    • Do not have extra hours to devote to this.
    • Think it will be a side business you can do whenever.
  • Dedicate someone or a certain time a day to devote to responding to emails.
    • Take an hour or two each day to sit down and just respond to emails. Do it during dinner or while you watch a show. BUT ANSWER THEM in a timely manner.
  • Admit when you have made a mistake
    • If something went wrong, admit it.
    • Have a plan to fix it before you send out an update
    • ***But don’t take more than 3 days to have your response and plan.
  • Keep in contact
  • Offer additional money back, discounts, or solutions that work for everyone.
    • The longer it takes to get an item to bigger the solution should be.
    • Mail what you have of the box and then absorb the cost to send out the extra missing items.
    • Add in backstock to the boxes as a thank you for waiting for so long.
    • Offer discounts or a % back because of all the delays.

What do you think about all this mess?


  1. Is the company refusing to return your emails about the missing box? If they’re refusing to answer your inquiries about a missing box, that’s incredibly unprofessional. I subscribe to a few book boxes, but I’ve been lucky for the most part. Whenever I’ve had an issue the company usually gets back to me the same day.

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    • They have not been responding to anyone in weeks. Not on social media or through email. From what I have heard others haven’t gotten any response from PayPal when they ask for refunds as well.


    • Check out Fae Crate on Instagram or Facebook. They have leftover inventory from Whimsify, they are in no way affiliated with them but are offering to sell some items to those who can prove purchases.


  2. OMG I bought this box from Whimsify too! I was soooo frustrated with their complete disregard for their communication and luckily I was able to FINALLY get a refund months after the fact. It was such a let down because it was the only Wicked King box I bought so I missed out on getting any TWK merch, and I still have yet to buy an actual copy of the book. And now I’m going through another delay with Enchanted Book Box. Really let down by both companies. I would never recommend Whimsify to ANYONE.

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    • I held out hope I would get it until now. Since it’s May I am finally going to try for a refund. It was the only box I bought as well. I am now only buying bigger known book boxes bc of all this crap.

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    • Check out Fae Crate on Instagram or Facebook. They have leftover inventory from Whimsify, they are in no way affiliated with them but are offering to sell some items to those who can prove purchases.


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