Shadowhunter Family Book Tag

In honor of the first ever READShadowhunter chat tonight I thought it would be the best time to do the wonderful BooksintheSkye Shadowhunter Family Book Tag. It was harder than I expected but super fun.

Feel free to copy and paste to fill out for yourself!

  • Copy and Paste these rules
  • Choose a rune
  • Tag whomever you want
  • Link back to this post so I can see your answers! Because I love reading them

Easy enough right? So let’s begin!

Happy Reading!

Choose Your Rune

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This was a super hard choice but I have to go with Insight. I feel it matches me the best. Sometimes I don’t quite see the bigger picture so it was either this one or Clairvoyant Sight.


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Quod in te est, prome
“Bring forth what is in you”

A book where the hero realizes their own strength

This book series is one of my current favorites. A girl who is common learns she has powers only the elite have. Is thrown into a situation she doesn’t understand but overcomes.


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Nee spe, nec metu
“Without hope or fear”

A book where nothing seemed like it was going to work out

If you haven’t read this one then you really need to get on it. It feels like by the end you are going to be left with all of the wrong answers and nothing is going to be ok.


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Quis contra nos?
“Who is against us”

A book with the best villain

I don’t know if this one is cheating. I mean the villain is kind of not a villain and the real villain is so awful. Honestly I don’t know if I could explain this one without just rambling for awhile.


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Lex malla lex nulla
“A bad law is no law”

A book with the best rebellion

A rebellion years in the making full of twists and turns you don’t see coming. This is one of my favorite books to read and reread.


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Victoria limes
“Victory is the boundary”

A book with the best battle scene

If you didn’t expect me to put this book we should probably talk more. As my favorite book the battle scene is so well done. Plus there are a few different battles throughout the story.


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Ingenium superat vires
“Genius overcomes strength”

A book where the character relies on their brain

The only way this book began was with a girl who used her brain and a bit of magic to save a prince. Using knowledge and books to overcome fears and learn new things.


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Perculsus elevor
“Though struck I am raised”

A book that emotional messed with you

Since I already used DOTC this one had to be Wicked Saints. I am still messed up by this book. I feel like I need to reread just to make sure it was as crazy as I remember.


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Inclinata resurgit
“When pressed down, it raises itself again”

A series where the sequel was better

I read this book so long ago and I disliked it. It took till this past year to read the rest of the series. I have to admit it got better after the first book.

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