Mini Reviews

Eyes on Me


Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of the author. Her time travel romance was wonderful. I went into this book knowing the romance would be top notch swoony and I was not wrong. The dual POV makes the story so much more alive.
I found myself laughing and even shedding a tear or two while reading.
This is the perfect story for anyone who loves gushy romance that has depth

Eyes On Me – Goodreads

The Boyfriend Bid

Thoughts –

This was in no way what I was expecting. The plot followed two people who weren’t alike faking a relationship for charity. What starts as a one sided hate fest turns into something more.
I enjoyed the sweet side of the story and the fact that some prejudice the Sarah had seems to disappear the more she realizes not all people are the same. In the beginning I didn’t really enjoy the fact she generalized sports players as being dumb.
Overall a sweet read that keeps you smiling throughout.

The Boyfriend Bid- Goodreads

Under the Moon: A Catwoman tale

Thoughts –

A perfect introduction to Catwoman. Or Catgirl to start. How she came to be how she is and her relationship to Bruce. I really loved the Independence but also moral compass she had. They didn’t make her feel like a criminal but more antihero, which is what she is. If your a fan of graphic novels and beginnings this is a great read to jump in with.

Catwoman Under the Moon – Goodreads

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