A bit about Me

Hello everyone! Since I have so many new people I wanted to do a get to know me post. And maybe a get to know a bit about you too. So here are 3 things that you may not know about me.

1. I have a BA, MA, and a bunch of certifications. Not one of which is in the same area. I went to college for Speech Therapy but didn’t want to do my MA in it (no one told me you had to get one to practice). Then I got my MA in Career Counseling while I was in Korea (more on that below). And then I studied for Human Resources certifications.

Basically I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up ( crap I’m already grown). I want to get a certificate or BA in Library Sciences but it’s so expensive. 😭

For anyone who is just going to college or trying to decide what they want to do; It is ok! And if you ever need advice I may have some. So feel free to ask.

2. I am a military spouse. That means I move a lot. Everywhere. In the past 7 years I have lived in Seoul, MD, WI, GA, and WA. It’s a lot. Which makes it hard to be a blogger and have books and publishers have an address. It makes it tough.
I am the queen of packing and minimal living. Although I admit now that we are staying in WA for a bit I get to finally have all of my books out of storage and in my own library.

3. As you saw above. I have lived in South Korea. For two years I was 15 hrs different from my home town. We couldn’t live on the actual base so my hubby and I had an apartment that didn’t have anyone who spoke English. All of the signs were in Korean. So here are a bunch of things I loved/learned/laughed at/and cried about while there.

– Here is some mail we got while living in our apartment. Please know I spoke NO Korean when we moved there. I mean not a word, except some random I learned from K- Drama. So just imagine me getting these, hearing announcements, and trying to communicate. It was quite the immersion.

You actually have to drink bottled water or as you can see one of these beauties. This was actually given along with 2 bottles a month with our apartment. No one could drink tap water, or cook with it. I have never drank so much bottled water than I did in those 2 years. 😂

You could find books that were in English but the next page Korean. This one is from Catching Fire. I tried but failed so hard at reading.

When you move in or out the area is so small they send everything up or down one of these. Yup your stuff is just on this elevator thing. They do not strap it down. And it has no sides. I don’t know how many times I watched people move in or out and wondered just what might fall off. (nothing did, except a hulahoop once)

They have 4D movies. Not like we do, but actually popular movies. This was by far my favorite part of Korea. A bunch of us went to see movies all the time. I think the best was Spider Man in 4D or Iron Man 3. Except once I was sitting too far forward and the chair in front of me smashed my knee. I had a huge bruise for weeks.

Something I didn’t think about before going, I was the minority for the first time in my life. It was such a shock as I was treated different. As a white American they didn’t really interact with you. Almost no one spoke English and those who did had maybe 20 words each.
In stores someone followed us around in case we were going to steal. This photo doesn’t show the man standing there watching us and who continued to follow us until we left (also look at this. 😂😆😂😆😂)

They sell puppies in boxes. In the mall. Not joking. I almost cried the first time we walked by. Everyone always walked me around the next level so I wouldn’t have to see these poor babies. It’s a miracle we didn’t come home with 50 dogs. I still get upset thinking about those poor babies. 😭

How crazy is all of that? I have so much more I could say. It was quite an adventure. I don’t think I would ever do it again but at that time in my life it worked. I learned a lot about myself, my hubby, military life, and how strong I am.

So that’s a bunch of random things about me. What do you think? Do you have any crazy stories? Have you visited Korea? 💛❤️

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