Website Review – Smashbomb

Welcome to my first post as my newly rebranded blog. If you haven’t noticed I have redone and now go by What She Will Read Blog instead of the Blunt Book Blog. I just outgrew that one. So I am excited to see what this new brand will bring.

To start I have a wonderful new website/app to review. Smashbomb is a place for reviewers. Be it books, movies, video games, and so much more. So how does this rate for those of us in the book blogging community. Lets get to it and find out!

The Website

Smashbomb Book Review

The website itself and even the app are very easy to interact with. There isn’t much of a learning curve when it comes to adding new book reviews. You can choose which areas you would like to review when you sign up. Such as a book reviewer, movies, comics, and so on. There really is a place for everyone.

One of the best things about the website I found was the ability to upload all of your Goodreads reviews. If you have a huge catalog of reviews starting over on a new site seems like it could be a bit daunting. But with a few simple steps I was able to load in all of my old reviews. It made me feel less like a beginner and more interested in keeping up with adding my reviews. If you want to check out my profile you can click below.

The Extras

What is the big thing to get someone to try out Smashbomb? Probably the ability to add books they may be missing and really review in a way that doesn’t require lengthy paragraphs. Instead you can just click a 1-10 stars (which we have all been begging goodreads to try) and then add in some good/bad things. You can see an example of what your review input may look like below with Lady Midnight.

Looks pretty easy right? Just choose what you think it was from a dud to a Smash then put in what is good, what is bad, and a review if you wish. If you don’t have time you can just rate it 1-10 and move on.
For me this is a huge plus. Sometimes I finish a book and I want to review but I do not have the time. The idea that I can let people know I loved/hated it quickly helps me actually review. If I want to add in a bigger review later I can do that as well.

Other things on the website that I have enjoyed:
– Giveaways for books, games, you name it. Just like with Goodreads you have to promise a review if you win any of the giveaways.
– Lists you can create with just about any books you wish.
– You can add books if they are not in the database. As a book blogger we often have access to ARCS of books that may not be in the Smashbomb catalog yet. But with the ease of adding them we help not just others find it but the website to stay up to date.

Overall Thoughts

While this isn’t a place for just book reviews it does cater very nicely to our interests. If we feel like branching out and telling people Assassins Creed Odyssey is amazing and everyone should play then we can do that too. To me this is a good idea to add in your rotation. If you do end up on Smashbomb make sure you add me so we can be friends!

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