The Dreaded Book Slump

You read tons of book in a few weeks and then suddenly you can’t find anything to interest you. You jump from one book to another or just look at books and have no want to even open one.

It’s the Book Slump. It happens to everyone, even book bloggers. And I am in the midst of a huge one. I haven’t read a book in weeks, besides The Girl The Sea Gave Back. I keep picking up books but after a few pages I put it down and walk away.

This is why I haven’t posted any reviews in a few weeks on the blog. I haven’t read anything to review.

The worst part…. I am still buying, trading, getting preorders in the mail. My TBR is threatening to either revolt or bury me under it.

So how can I get back into books? Well here are some ways I am going to try ( I will let you know if any work). If you have ideas let me know!

Buy a cheaper Ebook

Most of us have a mile long ebook WL that we just never buy because I mean real books and book boxes.

So I bought an Audrey Gray novel that was $.99 and so far it is pretty good. I don’t know if it’s enough to get me out of the slump but I am enjoying the change of type of reading.

This may also work with audiobooks or if your primarily an ebook reader than try a physical copy.

Go Walk Through a Book Store

I always enjoy finding a second hand book store or B&N that I can just wander down the isles and find something new. I usually come out with a bunch of books I wasn’t looking for but am excited to read.

Even if I don’t buy a new book I find one I have at home and I hadn’t read and want to rush home to start.

Take a Break and Do Something Else

So this is an easy one. If you don’t want to read than don’t. Even when you have a pile of arcs to read and blog tours and so on and so forth. Sometimes we get burnt out and need to take a step back and make a puzzle. Or go for a walk, take a vacation, binge watch a show. There are so many things to do. Don’t feel bad for taking the time to do something else.

Reading is supposed to be fun and a happy thing. No one wants it as a chore. This is something that I need to remind myself of often.

No matter what you do or how long your in the reading slump the books will still be there and so will the blogging/reader community. ๐Ÿ’œ


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